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How to Deal With Inflammation

The best way to treat the pain and swelling experienced following an injury is to apply cold to the injured area. Often patients will use painkillers to deal with discomfort relating to their injury, but using this method is dangerous. Painkillers do nothing to treat the pain or inflammation associated with an injury, merely covering up the damage or even making the injury worse. Instead of painkillers, use cold to relieve this pain safely and effectively.

The problem with many ice gels is that they do not properly distribute cold evenly over the whole injury, and do not stay cold for long. The way to fix this problem is to use a ColdCure® cold compression wrap. ColdCure® wraps use thicker, bigger wraps that hold their shape to keep the cold on the injury.

Superior Gel

Most ordinary gels are very thin and don't hold much gel. The gel they do hold can't even stay on the injury, instead moving around unevenly when pressure is applied. This makes most ordinary gels ineffective for treating injuries. ColdCure® wraps, however, use RigiGel® gel packs that are much bigger and thicker than regular ones, and hold their shape instead of flowing away when compression is introduced. RigiGel® gel packs offer superior temperature balancing as well in addition to the sheer amount of rigid gel, ensuring the entire injured area receives an equal amount of relief from pain and swelling.

Use Cold, not Ice

It's common for many people to put ice on their injuries to relieve pain and keep swelling down. However, they are only putting themselves at risk of further damage to their tissue. Ice from the freezer is too cold and can often burn the skin over the injury. To solve this, ColdCure® RigiGel® is designed to be stored in the fridge, where it is not too cold to burn but is more than enough to treat pain and inflammation. There's no need to put yourself at further risk.

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Quality Wraps

Each ColdCure® wrap is made of soft, comfortable Neoprene. They are designed with quality in mind for patients to enjoy wearing. The wraps are built to be injury-specific; there is a variety of wraps in shapes that fit the forms of many common injured body parts such as the knee or shoulder. Their unique shape allows for the best and most comfortable coverage for the entire injured area.

Paired with Revolutionary ColdCure® Wraps

RigiGel® technology is one of the key components in the design of ColdCure® wraps. The wraps combine the benefits of cold therapy with compression and comfort, improving on all the models to create the ultimate pain and swelling solution. It's recommended that patients start using a ColdCure® wrap following an injury to alleviate the discomfort and swelling. With the cold and compression aspects working together along with the powerful RigiGel® and Perpachill® technologies, ColdCure® provides the best possible solution to post-injury pain and swelling.

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Can I skip cold pack for shoulder and start w BFST

About 2 months ago I started feeling pain in rotator cuff of left shoulder when arm in certain positions. There was never any swelling and pain was moderate, but usually only when in a bad position. The pain has subsided quite a bit since, but I still can?t reach behind my back without feeling some pain. It is not going away. I?m wondering whether I could start the BFST treatment right away without the cold pack.

Re: Can I skip cold pack for shoulder and start w BFST

Hi John,
Anytime  there is pain it is  generally a  result of  inflammation  due  to irritation in that area,  to allow the  BFST to work to its  full potential I suggest you use  the  coldcare even if just once, allowing your  skin to return to temp. Then move  onto the  Bfst.

Re: Can I skip cold pack for shoulder and start w BFST

Hi John,

Thanks for your question.  I happened to have had a rotator cuff injury myself so I'm very familiar with what you're going through.  That was before KB products were available and mine - partly because I didn't care for it well enough - took years to heal.

If it isn't hurting when at rest, then I'd say you're okay to go straight to BFST treatments.  Like Jesse, said, if you have pain continuously/regularly then you probably need to address that first with the ColdCure product.

When you feel that pain during certain motions, those are little setbacks and big messages that the injury isn't fully healed.  In fact, even after the pain is gone, your body is still recovering from the injury and replacing collagen tissue with proper muscle and tendon tissue for a year or more.  Using BFST for an extended period of time will help with this process and reduce your likelihood of reinjury long after the pain is gone.

I'd say go ahead with the BFST.  Remember the most important treatment is first thing in the morning when you get up and the second one is at the end of the day (provided you haven't had a serious setback during the day).  One or two more during the day is a great help too.  Th shoulder product has an optional battery pack available if you're on the go and want it to travel with you.  The battery isn't required, but some people like to get one too.

Thanks again for your question.  If you want to discuss your injury and treatment further, our Treatment Advisors are at the end of the phone 7 days a week.

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